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Face Time

October 25, 2010

If there’s one thing I’m definitely not an expert on it would be make-up. Do I love it? Yes. Do I understand skin tones, face dimensions color palettes? Not at all! With a lot of help from various cosmetic professionals I think I’ve assembled a good inventory of basic everyday essentials and fun nighttime sparkle. It doesn’t hurt that my mother is a Mary Kay rep and I have an makeup arsenal in my parents basement in case of emergency or that my friends are all to willing to share the secret to their cat eyes or dewy cheeks. I’ve discovered it’s all about the tips and tricks you learn along the way.

I fell in love with Bare Minerals a few years ago and I have gotten a lot of compliments on my skin because of it’s lightweight coverage. One of my new favorites is Mary Kay’s brow gel which is more useful than you might imagine for a girl with dark eyebrows (or one who analyzes photos of herself and gets irritated when her eyebrows are out of place!)! My favorites are listed below, enjoy!

{Daytime essentials}

{Nighttime Sparkle}

1. Benefit, Erase Paste

2. Benefit, Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit (great for everyday or as a base for a nighttime smoky eye)

3. Chanel, Bronzer

4. Mary Kay, Mineral Eye Makeup in Sweet Plum

5. Smashbox, Blush Rush in Radiance

6. Stila, Smudge Pot in Black

7. Mary Kay, Cream Blush

8. Benefit, BadGal Lash in Rich Black

9. Benefit, Show Offs in Powder Puff

10. MAC, Eyeshadow


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