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Chiffon and Lace

November 22, 2010

I’m BACK! It’s hard to write blog posts on cute outfits and current favorites if you’re not shopping BUT just because I’m not buying anything doesn’t mean that I don’t love to torture myself by wandering around Saks on a Sunday afternoon.  I was trying to get ideas for a couple of holiday parties that are coming up and everything I was drawn to had elements of lace, chiffon or ruffles. Think volume. Think girly. Think cupcakes. I could just hear my mom telling me how my style hasn’t changed since I used to play dress up as a little girl.

While I will never grow out of flowey, girly dresses, my boyfriend pointed out to me that some occasions call for a little more glam and a little less pastry-esque attire (of course not his words but I’m paraphrasing). I managed to find a couple of dresses that satisfy both the chic, classic side as well as the romantic, girly side. Two of my favorite designers that capture both styles perfectly are Alice + Olivia and BCBG. Now if only money wasn’t an object… 

 {Alice + Olivia dress, BCBG dress, Alice + Olivia dress}

{I found this affordable alternative to the Alice + Olivia dress seen above right! Wyatt, dress}

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